Let's introduce ourselves!
We are a young and ambitious team of engineers and programmers, we want to work and create for the good of our country.
We believe that only through innovation can we reach a qualitatively new level and achieve success on the world stage. That is why we are proud to present our latest project - a hardware and software complex for monitoring the state of a bee hive "Bee House".
For whom
Greenhouse plants
Beekeepers lovers
Wildlife researchers
Reduced costs associated with manual monitoring
of the activity of the hive
Presence of accurate data on the condition of the microclimate
inside the hive
Monitoring the state of the hive
24 hours a day, seven days a week
and holidays
Automation of processes
statistics and data analysis
Low cost of implementation
and maintenance of the complex
Possibility of integration into the
BPM systems of the customer
What can
The "Bee House" complex is designed for automatic monitoring of the state of the bee hive.
The system receives information from sensors installed inside and from a camera installed outside the hive. All data is automatically transferred to the cloud-based analysis and monitoring system, the results of which the user sees in his personal account.
"Bee House" is a completely Russian development carried out in the Skolkovo innovation center, which guarantees high quality and production characteristics of the complex.
We create innovations together: